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Let's talk about Whoohoo

Whoohoo Dance Fitness is a barefoot dance class with outrageously good music. It's follow the leader except when it's not, and improvisation and play is always on the menu. 

Class Purpose and Values

We're here to have fun, get sweaty, be mindful, go deep, all the good stuff that moving our bodies provides. Class should help us feel more resilient and able to do all the things we need in life. 


As we dance, we connect to our bodies, to each other, to music, to creativity. It feels good to move, and it can be easier and more fun to do that with others.

One of the most important parts of health and longevity is intimate connections with others. I want you to come to class and feel as if you belong to something and that you bring something to the group. 

My teaching is deeply influenced by my need to connect with nature as well as my need to support others. I want us to feel free to play and experiment. I want to be able to be myself in class -- authentic and messy -- and it's a joy to see that in you, too,  as you dance.


Heads up that I value body neutrality as I work to erase the harms of diet culture. Music in class also may reflect issues of social justice and the values of inclusivity, celebrating diversity, respecting others, and working toward equity for all. 

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