SoftStar Moc3 RunAmoc


Loved these, though I've moved on.


These were the first pair of barefoot style shoes I bought for running. Without socks, they were wide and long enough for me in my usual size. However, running barefoot has made my foot bigger by a full size. Consider going up a size, especially if you’re new to barefoot running. It’s helpful to have extra room in running shoes since our feet swell during the run. 

Also, I loved the feeling of running in these barefoot but my feet got just a bit sweaty, enough that it irritated my skin after a few miles. I need a bigger size to leave room for a thin sock. 

I wish these came in a Wide as do many of the other SoftStar shoes, including the lace up version, the Dash RunAmoc. 


The Moc3 is a slip on shoe, which made it perfect for me as a runner new to barefooting. I could run a half mile bare and then slip these on. They are light-weight, 5 ounces, so I could hold them in my hands lightly. It takes no time at all to slip them on and off. They also do a good job of keeping the sand out (unlike running in sandals) so I like having them for the sandiest part of my run. Because of the sweat and irritation, though, I think in the future I’ll wear them with socks, which means it’s not quite as quick on/off.

The sole on these are different than on the other SoftStar mocs, which is why they don’t come in Wide widths. The sole is wonderful. It’s cut out so that the foot has the least possible amount of stiffness. The sole is thin enough for good ground feel and not so thin that every stone and sticker pokes through. It also was thin enough that I got good feedback from the ground so I could run lightly. 

The leather is light and perforated. It’s got a layer of what they call “Breathe-O-Prene® technology to provide a moisture-wicking and odor-resistant interior that hugs your foot from all sides.” I haven’t noticed any stinkiness. They did get a bit wet on one run and curled up a bit afterward, but they were fine once I put them back on for the next run. However, I don’t know that they’ll hold up as well in a wet or damp climate as they do here in the desert. 



Customer service, who like the shoe-makers themselves are called Elves, has been responsive and friendly. I returned a pair (a different style) and was credited easily and quickly. The shoes were ready and shipped quickly. All of this adds to the fun.

I love the quick on and off. They aren’t cute enough that I’d want to wear them about town and are too casual for me to wear them to work. I bet other people, though, might use them as slip ons for a quick trip to the store.  

As running shoes, they are excellent and really, really fun to run in. They do a great job of protecting from the elements without interfering with ground feel or the natural movement of the foot. These are barefoot style, far more minimal than Merrel’s barefoot line or even Vibrams Five Fingers. Expect no arch support, no structure, nothing that feels or looks like a SRS (Standard Running Shoe). 

I thought about getting another pair since I outgrew this pair. However, the New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez is incredibly flexible, super light-weight, and laces so it's adjustable. Since the RunaMoc doesn't work for me barefoot, as long as I'm slipping on a light sock, the Hi-Rez works well. The sole of the Hi-Rez is even more flexible than the RunaMoc, so I'm not feeling the need for another minimalist pair right now. 

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