SoftStar MaryJane Metro

merry jane  burgundy side 1

Cute and comfortable


MaryJane styles look best bare, without socks or stockings. These are true to size, though a bit wider than standard shoes. Go with your regular shoe size. The website has some templates you can download to check your size. They’ll also exchange shoes, even custom shoes, if it’s not the right fit for you. 

These come in wide and narrow widths as well. I decided not to go with a Wide because I wanted them to fit closely as this gives them a better look (less Elfin).  It's a bit of a snug fit for me, and they're stretching out a bit as I've worn them. The leather is soft and my feet feel free to move.  In the end, I'm glad I didn't go with a wide. 


These are the shoes I wear to work with dresses and skirts.  The Metro is slightly more refined looking than the other SoftStar shoes. I don’t feel as if I’m wearing Elf shoes when I’m wearing these. The sole is 4mm Vibram, which is light and flexible. 


The MaryJane Metros look like cute flats and they feel good.  When I compare them to my wide, leather-bottom mocs (the Dash), they don’t feel as luscious. The Metros definitely are comfortable, and if I weren’t comparing them to the leather-soled Dash mocs, I’d probably say they are my most comfortable go-to-work shoe. I also don’t love a MaryJane style, which always look a bit like a shoe for a six year old. I want to love these more than I love them.

If you know you like a MaryJane style, buy these! They’re great! If, like me, you don’t love MaryJane style, this pair won’t convert you, though it’s still an exceptionally comfortable shoe. Like most of the shoes I’m reviewing, these have no arch support and very little structure so they don’t feel like standard shoes. They have a feel like a very light slipper. 

Also, the burgundy looks great, but I went with black with a real buckle (there’s an option for a faux buckle that attaches by velcro).

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