Luna Sandals


I wanted to love these. They just aren’t working well for me. This may be an individual thing, though, so it’s possible they’ll work for you.  This is the Venado with the Pittards Premium Leather footbed. It’s meant to be a street sandal and has a 6mm Vibram sole. 


These are true to size in length, which makes them easy to order. Just order your usual size.  A good barefoot shoe should be plenty wide and these are wide enough for me, making them probably a bit wider than the average sandal. 

The back strap doesn’t stay on me well. It kept slipping off. I asked my daughter to try them to see if it was just my foot, and they slipped off her, too. Customer service was great. They answered numerous emails and referred me to videos showing how to adjust the straps. No matter how I adjusted, though, they kept slipping, mostly on the right side. They even offered that I could send the sandal back to them so they could check it for defects. 

I finally bought some leather grip strips from a local shoe repair place. I attached them to the heel strap and now I can wear them to walk around town. They don’t feel very secure, but they’re okay for wearing for a little while. My favorite shoes are ones that I don’t think about while wearing, and I think about these -- do I need to adjust? are they slipping? I thought that the more I wore them, the better they might fit. Some sandals take some wearing in. Instead, they seem to slip a bit more now that I’ve been wearing them with the leather strip. 

A friend says her Luna sandals don’t fit her just right either, though her husband loves his pair. Perhaps this is a gender thing. 


See above for fit. Because they keep slipping, I think twice before I put them on. 

The leather sole is very comfortable, and the lacing system makes these easy to slip on. The sole is thick enough to be comfortable for walking around town. There isn’t a ton of ground feel but there isn’t restriction, either, so the foot can do what feet do. There is no arch support, no side structure, none of the traditional features of shoes that can inhibit a foot’s natural movement. 


I was in a shoe store and the clerk commented that my shoes were cute, and they are. They are casual but I can wear them with casual skirts and dresses as well as jeans, shorts, or pants. The leather sole gives it a slightly more feminine or put together look. Even with the nylon laces and buckle, these don’t look quite as “I’m about to go hiking!” as a pair of Chacos or Tevas might.

These were easy to order from their website,, and arrived super quickly, which always adds to the fun. 

I ordered the incorrect size. They exchanged it for me, also super quickly, and didn’t charge me to ship them out again, even though it had been my error and I’d bought them with a discount code. Again, it’s more fun when customer service is so responsive.