Liquido Leggings

IMG 1306

These are great leggings from Liquido Active


First, they’re high rise, which is lovely because then even if I’m wearing a top that creeps up, I’m still covered up. 

I get the feeling that sizing and fit varies according to the fabric and styles. Theres a warning on some that the fit may be smaller or tighter than expected so it may be helpful to size up. I ordered my usual size and was pleased that the crops worked well for an older and athletic body. 

Second, the fabric is soft and stretchy. They’re opaque (no showing through as Im bending over) yet feel light-weight. There was no creeping down as I danced and I didn’t need to tug at them at any point. I didn’t think about them during the workout, and that’s one indication of a good pair of pants. I did, however, appreciate the feel of the fabric when we were sliding our hands down our legs (because we do that kind of thing in Nia). The fabric didn’t show sweat, either.


The pattern is too much fun. This pair is Wild Butterfly and the bright colors are beautiful. 

Besides crops, they have full length leggings, including some that are extra long, as well as some bell bottom flares. There are bras and a few pairs of shorts in the fun patterns as well. 

Customer service was great, answering my emails quickly and giving me all the feedback I needed to figure out what size to try.  I was told that if the size wasnt right, theyd help with an exchange or return. Shipping was super fast.