Anjali Ferocity Yoga Leggings


These are good quality leggings in a fun pattern.


The fit was true to size. Some leggings require super skinny legs, but these fit like most athletic wear with plenty of room for our hard-working thighs. These leggings are mid-rise, not too low for me and not too high for my 18 year old daughter, Siobhan. They’re long for me and it worked to scrunch them up. Siobhan has longer legs and still chose to fold them over at the bottom. They could be hemmed, but it was fine to scrunch and they stayed put while I was dancing. 


The test for me is whether I can dance or run and not have to pull or tug at the waist. This passed the test. I like a tighter fit with a bit of compression, but most wearers will enjoy the lightness of the fabric. These also worked well when Siobhan wore these to teach yoga -- plenty of give, no tugging, no worries about being over-exposed. These pass the bend-over test for which Lululemon is well-known, meaning they aren’t see-through in the behind.


I got lots of “where did you get that?” comments as did my daughter. It’s a stand out piece in colors I don’t usually wear. It’s nice to have dark leggings that aren’t black or navy.