ABQ Life

ART!  Ann Marquis donated one of her gorgeous paintings to Sway, and the studio bought another one as well because we love her work so much.  Her paintings are sensuous, drenched in color, evocative and pleasing.  Check out her images online at www.hartmarquis.com 

The Next Best Thing to Being There on Mountain Road is home to art work by Nia dancers Julianna Kirwin, Ilene Weiss, and Anne Woods. The collection of local and fair trade arts and crafts is interesting, unique and lovely. 

SEX!  There is a wonderful store near Nob Hill called Self Serve.  This woman-owned business has many happy toys. I highly recommend you add a vibrator and lube to your love life. A big pillow called the Wedge gives exactly the right support and angle for sex, and its hefty price soon will be made up for in pleasure and ease.  Self-Serve holds frequent educational workshops as well.  Find them at 112 Morningside NE or online at www.selfservetoys.com.  

Body Art Just next door to the previous location of Sway is a piercing salon, Evolution.  Noah was extremely professional, and my ear piercings healed beautifully.  It was a great experience, actually, not at all like being tagged at the mall.  It’s very intense to pierce one’s self, even if it is just for earrings, and I recommend Noah at this salon for an experience that is soul satisfying.