Cool Stuff

I’ve added a new section to Cool Stuff, which is News Worth Noting, news briefs such as the ones I previously sent out via email. I find interesting research on issues of health and wellness and offer a quick summary, a link, and my take on it. Use the arrow down next to Cool Stuff to access this and the following sections, too. 

I’ll keep adding to a list of great podcasts and comedians for your listening pleasure as well as an accounting of the great non-profit organizations the Nia community has supported in the past two decades. 

Under ABQ Life, Shoes, and Clothing, I offer suggestions about lovely things that nurture our joy. Nia invites us to view all of life as art so that we notice what is pleasing to us.  Whether it’s clearing our desks of clutter or putting on clothes to run errands, we can make a choice to create beauty. It's really fun and surprisingly nurturing.

These reviews and suggestions are here to help you find some things you will love and that will bring you pleasure. Please enjoy!