Welcome! Classes are open to students of all levels and abilities. 

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Nia Classes at Studio Sway

Monday 4:30 pm

Tuesday 9:30 am

Thursday 5:30 pm

Saturday 9:30 am

Classes are open at the beautiful Studio Sway, 1100 San Mateo Blvd. NE at Lomas. The studio is downstairs in the Courtyards and adjacent to the Quarter Celtic. 

Studio Sway features a sprung floor, which is easy on our legs, and a superior sound system for an exceptional class experience.

Mask Policy  I follow New Mexico’s guidelines on masks.  Masks are not required in my classes. Please note that the mask policy is set by individual teachers and not the studio, so this policy may vary by teacher. 

About My Studio Classes

  • Classes are an hour. 
  • Wear something you can groove, move, and sweat in. 
  • Nia is danced barefoot; however, some students wear soft, clean, and flexible shoes that are worn inside only.
  • Every class is different. The moves, the music, the intensity, the focus, and the experience is new in each class. 

Class fees Studio Sway

$10 drop in

$50 for five classes

$90 for 10 classes

Paying whatever works for you is always an option. Dance as frequently as your body and spirit wish, and pay what is comfortable and healthy for you right now. 

NM tax is included in the above totals.

Cards expire five years from purchase.

How to Pay for Classes

PayPal to my .mac email address. 

Venmo to @Beth-Oneall

Use your credit card via Square. This also connects to Google Pay. There’s an additional $2 fee for credit cards. Go to

Checks and cash work well too.

More Things to Know about Class Cards

  • You’re invited to share a class card with partners and family.
  • If you are bringing a friend or family member from out of town, you may use your class card for that person. 
  • The Nia community at Studio Sway sustains a scholarship fund called Every Body Dances. This is for anyone who, for whatever reason, would like support in order to take classes. Contact me if you’d like to arrange for this.

Zoom classes have ended as of April 2022 due to unreliable internet at Studio Sway.