the 13th Fresh and Local

It’s especially fun to eat food that is both local and organic. 

Here are 10 reasons to eat what’s local and in season. The best reason is that it’s freshest, which means it tastes great. We’re often more inspired to try a variety of items and to experiment in our cooking. 

This site lets us know what’s growing each month in New Mexico, though going to the Farmers' Market and talking with the growers is the best way to know. 

Here’s the site that tells you which markets are open in NM on which days and times. For instance, the Downtown Market is on Saturdays, 7 am - 1pm, behind Java Joe’s at 906 Park SW. There are artisans and cooks as well as farmers and usually musicians playing too. 

If you’re on FaceBook, friend your favorite market. Not only will they tell which which fruits and vegetables have come into season and what special events will be held, but seeing this in your feed will remind you of the lusciousness of produce waiting for you. 

We’re all on the See Food Diet. Seeing pictures on FB of beautiful produce will spur you to want to eat more of it. Put fruit on the counter, too, and make sure you have some beautiful vegetables staring you in the face each time you open the refrigerator. 

Eating locally (and organic or pesticide-free when possible) is good for your body, good for your community, and good for your environment. 

I was thinking recently about times when I have been eating too many processed foods and too little produce. My mood falls and I end up feeling tighter, meaner, and less generous in spirit. I’m not as patient and I’m not as energized. 

It seems to me that I owe it both to myself and to those around me to do a good job of eating lots of produce and far fewer processed foods so that I can be my best and be my most kind and generous with others. I owe it to my community and the environment to make as many good choices as I can. I like this reframing. I don’t eat well just for me. I eat well for everyone’s benefit. It’s more responsibility, which means it’s easier for me to commit. 

The reward is enormous -- a great time at the market talking with farmers and being inspired by beautiful food, a great time making meals with fresh and local produce, and feeling great because I'm energized and fueled by not just the food but also the connection to the people who grew the food.