Release 2017

bird flight

                                                                                                                                                                    photo Ailin O’Neall 2017

I. This is the first part of the Deep Wishes journey to take us from 2017 into 2018.

Begin today by listing three to ten good things in your 2017.

It may help to think of different areas of your life: work, relationship, home, hobbies, spiritual life.

My list includes a stronger friendship with someone; one particular day in my family life that made me shine with pride and love and delight; and a good thing that came from a difficult time.

Once you write down your list, say thank you to each.

II. This is the second part of the Deep Wishes journey. We continue to release 2017. 

Think on one difficult thing in 2017.

List three ways you excelled in dealing with it. Acknowledge the ways in which you did your best.

Thank it. Send out a prayer that the hardest part is past. 

III. I invite you to consider what from 2017 feels unresolved. What bothers you about the last year?

Set a timer on your phone for three to five minutes. Write about it. What would help to resolve this? Forgiveness? Compassion? Passage of time?

Even if you’re not sure that this can be resolved or what would help, choose one or two solutions and ask for that in the year ahead. Choose to be a bit optimistic and write it down: In 2018, I would like to bring _____ to this situation. 

Not everything has to be resolved. Some things can be left behind. Some things are too big and cannot be handled in a year. 

What can be done in one year is you can nurture more of something that supports you, whether that’s forgiveness, sense of humor, compassion, help from others, whatever you need and can ask for. Look forward to how you can grow that in 2018.