June 15 On the Grill

Are you grilling this summer? Here are some tips for grilling veggies.

First, add some oil because the heat will dry out the vegetables.  Also oil helps herbs cling to the vegetables. Toss the vegetables in oil or use a spray. Keep it light.

You can place larger vegetables directly on the grill, on a skewer, or use a grill basket. Our favorite way is to wrap them in tin foil and lay the foil packets on the grill. If you want a How To and picture, go here. I like the ideas on this site. Maybe in your foil packet you’ll add nuts or salsa or jalapenos. Try grilling mushrooms and broccoli for a change. Pour on sesame oil instead of olive oil on baby bok choy. Remember you can grill fruit too -- rhubarb compote or apple dumplings. 

I’m ready to give up on zucchini and summer squash on the grill. It gets too soggy. Tomatoes too. But onions? Oh goodness they get perfectly sweet. I adore sweet potatoes on the grill because they, too, get sweet and sometimes just a bit wonderfully charred. Bell peppers work well with the onions in the same foil packet since they both cook more quickly than the potatoes.

It can help to slice the vegetables thinly so they cook more quickly and evenly. Also remember that some vegetables will take longer than others so some packets may go on before others do. Depending on the grill, plan on about 8 - 10 minutes per side with some needing half that time and some, like sweet potatoes, needing twice that time. It’s fun to experiment, though remember it’s easier to eat vegetables that are slightly undercooked or they can be tossed back on the grill.