June 14 Chocolate and Kale

Here’s what I ate for lunch today: a small handful of almonds, several large handfuls of potato chips, and a bag of Organic Chockalet Chip Kale Krunch. No, the potato chips don’t count as vegetables and the Kale Krunch doesn’t either. 

It was a strangely satisfying lunch, eaten in the car after a happy, sweaty, expressive Nia class. I was surprised that it gave me enough energy to go shopping to find at REI a better hydration belt for running and to get what we need at Costco. Then I came home to ride the Elliptigo for 30 minutes in the wind. I got a lot of energy and focus out what was probably 600 calories of fat. With salt.

I was plenty ready by late afternoon for a different kind of meal: calabacitas using squash from this morning’s farmers’ market, aduki beans, brown rice, and guacamole, topped with chopped cucumber (also from today’s market) and parsley. This was also quite satisfying. 

When your body craves something - salt or sugar or kale or cucumber - listen to the craving with respect and interest.