Juicy, Sexy, Happy

How do you get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? You make it fun.

How do you get yourself and the other adults you love to eat more fruits and vegetables? You make it fun, of course.

Yesterday I wrote about all the reasons why produce is good for us. It is. But we like to eat what we enjoy, which means we’ll eat more produce not because it’s good for us but because it’s enjoyable. 

Adding fruits or vegetables to our favorite dishes is one way to make eating produce pleasurable. I want it to be excitingly fun and so inviting you can’t wait for more. 

Colors are fun. Shapes are fun. Dips are fun. Don’t tell me you haven’t ended up in a bite-the-carrot-into-a-shape contest (oh look! Darth Carrot).

Berries are fun. Berries under a bunch of whip cream is fun. Berries stain our tongue and fingers. Berries are undignified. Berries are primal. Watermelon is so wet and sweet and it screams summer. It’s not possible to eat watermelon and be depressed. It’s simply a really happy piece of fruit. 

It’s difficult to feel old and unhappy when you’re eating a juicy peach. Juicy fruit is sexy.