everything you need to know

 I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about nutrition, right here, right now. 

1. We all were born to be eaters. It is one of the most important things we do, and we are driven to do it. Deal with it.

2.Your nutritional needs and desires will change over your lifetime. They may change week to week or hour to hour. Be willing to adapt.

3. Everyone needs fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. These needs also change over a lifetime. No one else can tell you how much of each you need, so do your best to ignore all the studies, diets, and articles that explain why everyone needs X or Y or why no one should eat this or that.  

However, do figure out what you need by experimenting. Try a bit more or less of something to see what difference that makes. Try different types of proteins (animal or not, for instance). Experiment with a variety of sources of fats, and consider cooked versus raw as you do so. Be patient and observant. Remember #1 and #2 as you do so. Remember to love whatever you choose. 

4. Every diet, every nutritional program, says we should eat a lot of produce, especially vegetables. No matter how these diets vary -- high animal protein, no refined carbohydrates, no animal protein -- they all agree (and studies support) the value of eating mostly vegetables. When in doubt, eat more veggies.

5. When you’re out of balance, eating too much of one food or too much or too little of everything, listen to your whole life -- your past, your present, your stress, your sleep patterns, your emotions, your ideas, your stories, your feelings, your body’s needs. 

6. Be willing to give up eating something that makes you feel terrible. Be willing to eat food with gusto. Every great relationship comes with a great big heaping dose of willingness.

7. Have fun. Whatever you eat, it will be gone, out of your body, in a day or two. Your body adapts beautifully to the demands you place on it. Trust your needs and desires. Be kind to yourself. Listen deeply and then listen again. Keep experimenting and adapting.