Desire, Will, Intention 2018

big moon tree

In Nia class on New Year’s Day, we spent some time in reflection before we began our dance. Here is the text of what we did on this full moon afternoon. 

1.     Write down events that happened in 2017, trips you took, work life, whatever you think of from your life.

2.     Now write down thoughts, feelings, values, and other non-tangible words that represent 2017 for you. Write down whatever pops into your mind, including images.

3.     What was the one best part of 2017? This could be the most joyful or one from which you learned the most. Write about it.

T. Thorn Coyle: One thing 2017 taught me was this: Don’t give up on love.” You may wish to complete the sentence, “One thing 2017 taught me was….”

4.     Thank all of these – the events, the feelings, the ugly, the difficult, the beautiful. It was part of your life and left its mark. Breathe your thanks to it all.

5.     Breathe onto your words and blow them away. They do not leave you. They do not define you. They do not block you. The energy of the past is now available for you to use as you need.

6.     Go to a blank page. What do you want in 2018? List all your desires, practical or not. Focus best you can on your life and not on the others’. Write or draw about it.

8.     Bless the year to come. 

9.     Magic, Thorne writes, “is the marriage of breath, will, and desire.” To create magic, we need intention, will, and connection to energy. For us, that energy will be the dance. Throughout our dance today, let your desire fill you. You may wish your mind to wander, open and unsure, to find your strongest desire. Do not worry yet about your path. You must first know what you want and know that you are able to set your will and intention to that desire.

10.  To create the path to being who you are and creating the life you want, it helps to set up a consistent practice. What can you do, daily, to create this path and this life?

Please be kind and do not overwhelm yourself. Small shifts can yield big results and can lead to other shifts. 

You may wish to set for yourself one practice for winter, another for spring, summer, and fall. This gives you time to develop a practice until it’s integrated so much into your life that you cannot remember what life felt like without it. 

There’s also some mystery to setting our will and intention. We see where we wish to end up, and the path to get there may appear to us because our eyes are looking for it. It’s been there all along, and only now does our attention move to it. What your desire requires is to be nurtured and showered with affection.