day 29 Breakfast

I hadn’t realized salad for breakfast was a “thing” until I looked it up on the internet. I expected to find a few references. I’d first read the idea from a vegan athlete.  

But, no, breakfast salads are now a trend and I found plenty of recipes.   

If you’ve never had salad for breakfast, try it to see how you like it. Because a salad usually includes raw vegetables, this might be the perfect nudge your digestion needs to get you moving for your day. It could be pleasantly refreshing. It could make you crave vegetables all day. 

If you don’t like eating breakfast, it could be because breakfast food in the US often is heavy, creamy, and full of carbohydrates (toast and pancakes, for instance). Salads are light and quick to make. You may find that salad for breakfast is the change you needed to enjoy eating in that first hour or two after waking.

I like cooked vegetables with a grain for breakfast. When I have granola or yogurt and fruit, I feel too buzzed and unsettled. I tried salad for breakfast, and it’s too cold for me. A friend found that oatmeal with fruit was her perfect breakfast. Experiment with different options, including the breakfast salad.

Gina Biancaniello blogs on The Kitchn about how to make a salad feel more like breakfast. She includes 5 tips, the best of which I think is to add some satiating (and satisfying) fats. Adding in protein --  nuts, seeds, eggs, leftover meat or fish from the previous night’s dinner -- not only helps us feel full but also fuels us for longer. Add in grains or sweet potatoes for the steady fuel that these carbohydrates provide. 

Now that we’re in the hot months, I’m waking with the sun (like it or not) so I get up and eat breakfast early. In about two hours, I’m ready for a morning workout (run or Elliptigo or practicing Nia). When breakfast is mostly vegetables, I feel fueled for my workout and not weighed down by breakfast. 

If your breakfast isn’t satisfying you, try something different this summer. It’s a great way to set up a new routine or establish a summertime pattern.