day 22 Spirit

What if all foods were sacred? What if each food had some essential spirit or essence, and eating that food transferred that essence to us?

I wonder if we’ve forgotten about the power of food. I wonder if we think, oh, it’s just food, and it doesn’t matter if it’s McDonald’s or an apple or ribs. Or the nutritional quality counts, but that’s it; it’s just nutrition. What if a food isn’t just how it tastes and how it influences our physiology and our minds? What if foods exert an influence on our spiritual state? 

What if we ate in order to bring out certain aspects of ourselves? I want to be light and refreshing, so I choose to eat grapefruit. I want to be creative, so I ingest eggs. I want to be sweet, so I’ll eat dates. What if we infused our eating with those intentions? 

If you were a vegetable, which vegetable would you be? What about a fruit? Which fruit is most You? Do you have a spirit fruit or spirit vegetable the way that some people have a spirit animal?

Sometimes, I do not treat food with respect and reverence. I forget its spiritual power. Most days, I’m focused on mundane things. What if meal times were opportunities for spiritual reflection, spiritual choices, and spiritual fuel?