day 1 the Invitation

I was the kid who wouldn’t eat vegetables. I ate, on occasion, carrots and iceberg lettuce, and that was it. I didn’t eat a ton of fruit, either. While I loved apples, I ate little else -- no berries, no plums.

I didn’t start enjoying vegetables until some time in college, and even then, I don’t remember that I ate a bunch. I didn’t really start becoming a vegetable eater until after my daughter was born. Now vegetables are the base of each of my meals. 

Real food feels really good. When I’m eating fruits and vegetables, I feel the alive energy of those foods. 

For the month of June, I’m posting every day for 30 Days of Fruits and Vegetables. Here is an invitation to play: set yourself a goal for expanding your enjoyment of produce this month. 

Think of something that will make your life happier and yummier, and commit to this for the month of June. Here are some ideas.

Try a new fruit or vegetable every week this month. 

  • Choose one meal -- breakfast or lunch or dinner -- for which you want to increase the amount of fruits or vegetables you include. 
  • Make produce half your plate for every meal. 
  • Streak: every meal and snack in June will include fruits and/or veggies. 
  • Read this Cooking Light article and choose to focus on one of those 12 ways to eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • Find a great veggie cookbook and try out one new recipe each week.
  • Experiment with creating the most delicious desserts using fruits and vegetables. Plan a party to show off your best ones.
  • Make a date with a friend or your honey to cook together once a week. Plan together what will be the meal and maybe even shop together. Focus on which vegetables will be the stars of your meal.

My favorite way to be excited about vegetables is to go to the  Farmers' Market. I almost always find new vegetables to try. 

Tatsoi is a wonderful green that is light and cooks up quickly. Pak choi is a slightly different variety of bok choy. Orach, which sounds like it should be a meal for Klingons, is a dark leafy green that’s also called Mountain Spinach. 

Some of these greens already are going out of season, which is why it’s nice to get to the Farmers’ Market every week. There is always something new there. Each time I go, I see what I can find that I haven't tried before. We have a few more weeks of kohlrabi. This is a yummy root veggie that can be eaten raw (use it for scooping up hummus, guacamole, or salsa). When cooked, it softens quickly and is slightly sweet, like broccoli stems. This New York Times article tells a bit more about it. 

Have fun! and I'd love to hear what your Produce Love goal is for June.