31 Days of Movement: Enough

I struggle with Enough. Do we learn it when we’re young? Are we born with a capacity for sensing and enjoying just enough? Do most of us struggle with enough? Not enough and too much?

Yesterday was active rest day. I took Lola for a walk and stretched for a while. Today I’m still sore. While Monday is often my day for a double (gym plus Nia), I might skip the weights and extra cardio. My achilles is especially angry with me, and my right shoulder is stressed, like it’s taken all it can take for now. Enough is enough. 

I stopped by Cost Plus this morning to pick up a few more stocking stuffers. I spent way too long there, not really finding what I loved but feeling as if it would be good to have a bit more in everybody’s stocking. Then I realized how long was the line to check out. I could read on my Kindle on my phone, but I was hungry, and, really, I’d had enough. If the stockings are less than overflowing, won’t we still have enough? 

For a long time, I took pride in how many songs I have on my laptop. Then I realized I hadn’t listened to many of those songs. I didn’t even like them all. I’ve been going through and deleting songs. I still have over 5000 songs. I could listen for 16 days straight before I got through them all.  Some are great songs, and if I really want to hear them, they’re on YouTube. It just takes a shift in perspective from scarcity (I must keep the songs so I have enough) to abundance (I have more than I can use! joy!). In abundance, I know that I will use and enjoy the songs that I have more when they’re not surrounded by a bunch of songs I don’t love. 

For all things, there is a sweet spot in which we do not too little and not too much. Just enough.