31 Days of Movement: Cold

IMG 4146

I’m keeping at bay a flu or cold or something. Perhaps it’s just a sugar hangover. Whatever it is, I’m very tired, and I just don’t feel right. 

Yesterday (Friday) I was even more tired. I skipped the gym. Both my shoulder and achilles are sore and achy, and neither weights nor the elliptical were going to be good for them. I thought about skipping a workout entirely, but this is December, and I’m moving all 31 days in December, and damn if being public about that doesn’t motivate me. I know you all don’t care whether I work out or not. I’m just saying: you want motivation? Announce what you’re doing.

So on Friday, I practiced the Touch Remix that I began on Wednesday and taught on Thursday and again today. Nia is a lovely way to keep moving, and it's easy to amp it up or keep it easy.