Let's Dance!

mirror group

coming in October

Promise. Yulunga. the Fall routine. 

A special Hips class for Barbara Darling

Her pre-surgery special! Sa 10/22 at 9:15 am

October 24 - 29: Dark Side of the Night. 

Were dancing on All Hallows Eve 

and we so are dressing up:

Saturday 9:15 am on October 29

Monday 4:30 pm on October 31


Want to know what it’s like to take a class? 

Check out the fun we had dancing at Studio Sway.

Promo video shot & edited by Ailin O’Neall.

Dancers: Diane Agnew, Michele Carter, Hayley Davis, Elyse Fahey, Jennifer Fiordelisi, Susan Goodan, Katie Jackson, Carl Parker, Gia Scarpeta, Heidi Wolne, and Barb Wulf


Thank you for Supporting All Faiths 

Together we raised $355, which joins the $2000 raised by ABQ Sole Sisters (a running group based on friendly competition, mutual support, and community involvement). Your generosity is outstanding, and it’s part of what makes our Nia community such a joy. 

hey, Nia dancers. Thursday night was one of those high energy super fun Nia classes, and it started with Ilene saying how much she needed a break from the news. Sometimes it's too awful and we feel overwhelmed or helpless or fed up or scared witless. So we danced and felt the joy and everything was better for an hour.

We can't stop people from being crazy and hateful, inhumane and drugged out. What we can do is support the people and organizations that help all of us to heal and grow stronger.

All Faiths is one of those organizations. They had planned a fundraiser, a super fun race this summer, but there were some problems that led to the race being cancelled.

I'm going to collect donations in class through next Saturday, September 3rd (Labor Day weekend). Donating a few dollars doesn't change the world. What does change the world is when we put our few dollars together.

When we send in a donation, we're telling everyone who works at All Faiths that we know the work they do is hella hard and we're grateful and support them. We maybe make their work just a bit easier with that support and cash.

Gwen Walker and ABQ SOLE SISTERS are putting on a club fun run to bring in more donations, so our Nia donations will join with the running community's donations.

Maybe you tell a few friends you know in your yoga class or Spin or at your CrossFit Box and maybe they want to make a Labor Day donation too. Because-- two things counts. 

One, that we spread the word that there are soul-filled, heart-strong people out there who serve our community with their work in the social services in places such as All Faiths. 

Two, that we do something, at least something, to help others, and we do it together.

Fall in love with being in your body.

Get strong.  Get light on your feet. Increase your flexibility and stability. Become more mobile and agile. Have fun. Find your friends in class. Act a bit silly and laugh. Dance to great music. Feel great in your body. 


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