Let's Dance!

embrace sunset

This Saturday, August 1

Summer! We celebrate the midpoint of this magical season.

We’ve been dancing to Summer of Love (music from 1965-1969) as well as to Stronger, my newest routine.

The focus for Stronger is giving our mid-section a hug,  just enough tension and attention to create a strong core that supports us as we move. We give our backside muscles a little squeeze, just enough to activate them so they can form the strong base we want to move freely and with joy.

What’s coming up? I’m putting together Summer Fun with tons of fun dance tunes. I’ll also be teaching at the August 30th noon jam with Kate and Anna. This is a fundraiser for Cuidando Los Ninos, an organization that helps families build the skills and strengths to move from homelessness to a stable home. Check out their CLNKids site here.


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